Classic Clay

Classic Clay


The most innovate tennis surface of the decade….Patented across the world


This is the best synthetic clay court in the world. That’s how professional tennis players describe Classic Clay®  It has the look, feel and plays like natural clay with controlled slide, low ball bounce and pace rated “slow” by the I.T.F.  Compared to real clay, there is a fraction of the maintenance cost, no water needed, play is possible during rain and in all seasons and none of the dirt associated with “clay” tennis courts.

Classic Clay® is the world’s first and only patented “waterless” artificial clay tennis court surface, designed to play and slide just like a clay court whilst offering a consistent ball bounce and ball marks are easily identified.

Huge water savings

Traditional clay courts require watering. Not so with Classic Clay®.  It is a true “waterless” surface. With water restrictions in place in many countries across the world, Classic Clay® offers the best solution for those who want a traditional clay surface, but have little or no water.  Classic Clay® does not suffer frost heave so can be laid in areas that experience extreme cold climates, equally as it can be laid in areas with extreme heat, such as Dubai.   There is much less down time in wet as play can continue during light rain and return soon after heavy downpours as the surface is not damaged when played on damp. Classic Clay® courts are the fastest drying courts on the market.

Increased club membership

Installing Classic Clay™ courts at clubs attracts new members and certainly has been proven to retain membership levels at club with Classic Clay® courts.  Classic Clay® is perfect for training juniors and equally beneficial for seniors, offering a comfort surface that is easy on knees, backs and joints.

Colour consistency

The colour remains rich and consistent across the entire surface as both the surface and the infill are UV stabilised and tested for the harshest of weather conditions.

Mineral Infill – Envirofill®

The mineral in-fill is a consistent size and treated with anti-microbial inhibitors to offer a safe alternative for players and the environment.  The micro size of the particles are large enough so they do not become airborne, eliminating dust into club rooms and any discolouration of clothing and shoes.   Neighbours of many clubs have welcomed the installation of Classic Clay™ as there is virtually no dust and dirt being blown from courts in windy conditions.

 Permaline®   raised lines

The Classic Clay™ system incorporates the Permaline® patented raised lines. The white court lines are raised (approximately 2mm) above the binder surface to act as a levelling guide for the mineral in-fill and remain visible when groomed.  In-built lines are comprised of the same material as the binder layer, providing a consistent ball bounce with no tripping hazards as experienced with line tapes and other systems.

Player development

Europe has a high penetration of clay courts and as such players are comfortable with a variety of surfaces and playing styles. One can argue this exposure enhances overall skill levels. Classic Clay™ is a perfect surface in regions where traditional clay courts are not as prevalent to initiate children and juniors to international standards.

Indoor suitability

When installed indoors, the court has good sound absorption benefits. This not only creates a more peaceful environment, but is particularly attractive for coaching as instructions can be heard easily.

Suggest Base-works

Classic Clay™ courts can be installed on a number of bases but all must comply with specific structural tolerance guidelines encompassing drainage, subsurface compaction and stability.  The most popular base is porous asphalt, macadam or concrete.  Existing hard-courts offer a perfect base.   A diagonal fall across the court of 1 in 100 is preferred.

 D.U.C.C.®  – Drainage under Classic Clay

Grassman® offer a patented drainage and cushion underlay that was developed to be installed under Classic Clay®.  D.U.C.C.® offers an encapsulation of the underneath base layer up to 98% water-proof to direct water that travels through the Classic Clay® surface off the court to drains and not through the surface into the base layers.  D.U.C.C.® also offers a cushion underlay for player comfort.

Owners support

>Each Classic Clay™ system comes with a leather bound owner’s manual offering maintenance instructions, warranty details, a history of the development company and a host of interesting reading.

With a dedicated website there is international feedback and support for Classic Clay™


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