Landscaping and Commercial Use Turf

Grassman manufacture a wide variety of landscaping and commercial purpose synthetic turf products. Grassman is a dedicated manufacturer of synthetic grass and continues to develop through professional research and testing of raw materials and synthetic grass products.

To achieve the precise type, mix and balance of raw materials for our synthetic surfaces, we continually trial new materials and assess results, which is our ongoing guarantee to manufacturing the “best of the best” natural, safe, lead and heavy metal free and eco friendly grasses.

Grassman products are Made in Australia for Australian conditions We warn buyers to beware of cheap imports. Products may look the same but don’t be fooled, they may not contain safe raw materials and there is a good chance that they don’t contain the highest standard of UV inhibitors – these products will fail in our harsh Australian environment.

Conversely, we frequently provide our products to external experts for testing under the most stringent conditions to increase product performance under various stresses. Our products have been tested by a number of world standard academic institutions including The University of NSW, Toowoomba, Wollongong, and Brisbane, NATA laboratory Accousto-Scan and the A.W.T.A. as well as International facilities including Centre for Sports Technology, UK and Labosport Europe.

The constant search for improvement and development has over the years contributed to Grassman being considered the industry benchmark. Numerous firsts and patent applications have been achieved and the innovation continues.

Our in-house yarn extrusion allows us to manufacture custom made products in various colours and styles and we also have allegiances with some of the worlds largest yarn producers allowing us access to a total range of synthetic yarn available in the market. We manufacture products only with the highest grade virgin polymers including polypropylene, polyethylene, co-polymers, monofilaments and mutli-strand colour monofilaments. All yarns feature a highly sophisticated process of pigment, maximum UV inhibitor and colour-fastness unsurpassed in the industry. The impressive durability and resistance to weathering and abrasion make the yarns equal to anything available worldwide.

Our tufting capacity offers all machine gauges and stitch rate variances and the ability for high quality, vast volume output.

Our research and development over many years allowed our innovation of the longest pile heights in the industry up to 100mm. Our finishing plants are purpose built for synthetic grass and on-going development allows us to achieve maximum tuft lock and durability for long lasting products.

Our synthetic turf is installed in many thousands of commercial applications and private homes.

Our products always surpass the long warranty periods offered and Grassman have a reputation for standing behind their products. Your warranty is backed by us, made in Australia and family owned by Australians. Your warranty is assured.

As a synthetic turf specialist manufacturing Australian quality products locally in Australia we can custom any products to suit your requirements and have vast production capacity.

With water restrictions wide spread, more and more commercial and residential customers are seeing the benefits in choosing synthetic grass. Make sure you choose Australian made and owned.

The product range for commercial, landscaping and residential uses is vast and continually developing … our grasses are so natural you wont believe they are not real.


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