Published on 29/05/2014


Dear Grassman,

I just wanted to drop you a note and say how pleased the LRC membership and General Committee has been with our new Classic Clay Courts. The courts were installed in mid-December and we have now been playing on them for six months. To sum it up in one word “fantastic”! The Classic Clay surface has exceeded everyone’s expectations. The surface plays slow like clay, the bounce is mid-range to high like clay and the slide is controlled, just like clay. When compared to the green turf that we had before, the Classic Clay has been a great improvement. As we get lots of rain in Hong Kong, the Classic Clay surface has been playable straight away after a normal rain and a few hours wait after a very heavy downpour. The nice thing is that the court drains fast and does not stay damp for long. The old turf would be wet and fast for two days after a heavy rain. Another big plus is the color. We went with the red clay color like Roland Garros and at first the members were against change and wanted green. The Tennis Committee insisted on the classic red clay color and when we installed, the members loved it! Not only does it play like clay, but it looks like clay! Now all of our members sweep the court before play and use the ballmarks to make the close line calls! Our two center courts are the centerpiece of our club and every guest that walks into the club sees the courts straight away. People are always amazed when they first see them and cannot believe that we have classic clay courts in Hong Kong.

Grassman was great from the start, hosting us on a factory tour at the headquarters in Sydney, providing us with references from around the world and Jaun coming out to supervise the install with the local team. The members are now pushing to install Classic Clay on our lower courts that come up for resurfacing soon.

Job well done to Jaun and the Grassman Team. We love the courts!

Gene Harper
Managing Director

Life Fitness Asia Pacific
Room 2610, Miramar Tower
132 Nathan Road, TST
Kowloon, HONG KONG


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