Construction Base and Underlay:

Synthetic turf performance and longevity can only be as good as the base it is installed over. Quality synthetic grass installations require a high performance base and the construction or preparation of the base is just as important as the underlay and Grassman surface you choose.

Grassman offer an in-house design and Engineering team to assist with your specific project, to meet the specifications determined by various sporting bodies and offer CAD drawings. Together with our approved installation partners we ensure the appropriate base configuration, drainage requirements, underlay recommendations and surface tolerances for your sport or application.

There are different preparations and methods used for bases dependant on your location, soil testing and the sport or application. The options include asphalt, concrete or natural with or without shock-pads.

Where a strong functional base is required under your synthetic grass surface, we suggest:

  • Site evaluation and soil testing to evaluate the required earthworks
  • The necessary sub-base to support the load intended
  • If and to what extent drainage is required
  • Drainage containment or re-direction options

Your chosen builder, construction company or grass installer will offer a complete service including designs, construction, drainage requirements, underlay systems, fencing and edging, synthetic grass product choice and installation and lighting systems.

Grassman’s is proud to offer a unique option in our patented Cushion and Drainage Underlay

Case Study Manly

Case study on Manly West Public School

Grassman was engaged by Manly West Public School to design and construct a 2,700m2 multi-purpose synthetic surface turf playing field to replace the existing natural turf.

As in the case, unfortunately with numerous schools across Australia the existing field was contaminated with asbestos and dangerous soil.  Previous efforts to remove the asbestos had proven unsuccessful with hazardous materials continually resurfacing, creating very dangerous conditions for the students.

Case Image

Manly West Public School Playground – Before

In accordance with the Department of Education & Training Asbestos Management Plan, Grassman provided a solution to this problem.  Utilizing the Sydney University tested and internationally patented encapsulating drainage and cushion underlay D.U.C.C ®.

Used as a complete system together with our AFL approved synthetic turf surface Sping-Bak Pro®.  Grassman successfully prevented future exposure of any asbestos or asbestos contaminated earth throughout the entire area of the upgraded surface.

Method:  Due to the unknown extent of asbestos contamination, major excavation was not a practical solution.

Case Image

Manly West Public School ground after D.U.C.C ®was installed

The characteristics of D.U.C.C ® are ideal for this particular scenario where superior drainage, shock absorption and encapsulation properties are required.

Grassman provided specifications to the Public Works Department who carried out the removal of the natural grass and top soil and regraded the field with a minimum of 100mm of recycled aggregates.  Aggregates were rolled and compacted over a permeable geo-textile fabric, separating the contaminated earth from the newly laid aggregate base.  This stabilised layer provided a level and compacted base suitable for installation of the encapsulating D.U.C.C ®underlay.

Case Image

Manly West School ground after completion

D.U.C.C ® was laid over the entire surface and then covered by the Sping-Bak Pro® synthetic turf system. The synthetic turf was then in-filled with approximately 80 tonnes of washed and kiln dried sand.

The result is a level and even playing surface that is low-maintenance, safe and effective for all sports and most importantly solves the problem of leeching asbestos.

The concept for Manly West Public School was based around providing a long-term safety solution with the lowest possible financial impact to the school.


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