St Clair Public School


 Small gesture lands big smiles at St Clair Public School


Michael Korabelnikoff, Sue Burnett and Scot Rufferty with students at St Clair Public School. Photo: Melinda Jane

Special needs students at St Clair Public School have a brand new play area, thanks to the kindness and generosity of two turfing companies.

With a small budget, there wasn’t much hope to install a quality play area for the Kindergarten to Year 3 students – that was until Grassman and Scot’s Synthetic Surfaces stepped in.

“We just had this horrible patch of dirt and we wanted to make it an engaging space for the kids, because play is just so important for their language and social development,” Assistant Principal, Sue Burnett said.

“I was ringing around to get quotes, and then Michael from Grassman said because it wasn’t a huge space, they would donate the grass to us.”

Now, the small area has its own race track, driving circuit and runway for kids to play with their cars and planes.

“It’s a lovely space, the kids are really excited by it. It was such a nice surprise for them when they came back after the holidays,” Ms Burnett said.

“They’ve been having a ball, so we are really appreciative.”

Michael Korabelnikoff from Grassman said every year the company aims to donate to a range of community organisations, and this year it was St Clair Public School’s turn.

“The school was looking at a cost effective way to make the area usable – and there wasn’t much in the budget for a quality installation,” he said.

“Together with local company Scot’s Synthetic Surfaces we installed synthetic grass for the kids in an area that was full of weeds and unused – free of charge.”

A simple gesture, Mr Korabelnikoff said it didn’t take too long for he and Scot Rufferty, owner of distributor and installer Scot’s Synthetic Surfaces, to draw up a design for the kids.

During the school holidays, Mr Rufferty visited St Clair to lay the turf.

“We just wanted to give something back to the community,” Mr Rufferty said.





Written By Dale Drinkwater

West Connex Burwood

As reported in Burwood Scene

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As part of the WestConnex M4 East tunnel project, the Briars Hockey Club and NSW Hockey have benefitted from a $5million world-class facility at St Luke’s Park in Concord.


1988 Hockey Olympic gold medalist Lee Capes and Briars coach James Fordham oversee young ‘Minky’ hockey players at St Luke’s Park

Lee Capes, the 1988 Olympic Gold medallist and Briars first grade women’s coach couldn’t be happier.

“The new field is international standard, aesthetically pleasing and couldn’t be in better position,” Ms Capes said at the official opening on Sunday, February 7.

“This is one thousand times better than what we had and the quality of what you would see in Holland or Germany. The previous facility was fifteen years old and out of date. We’ve been blessed to get this.”

Briars club founder and Patron John Price was one of the movers and shaker behind the scenes to deliver such an outstanding result.

“If we fought WestConnex – we’d lose, so we worked with them for a world-class venue,” Mr Price explained.
“WestConnex came to us regarding suitable work sites and Cintra Park was the most suitable. They were willing to provide a like for like venue,” Mr Price explained.

“This field re-secures our future and will be a breeding ground for more Hockeyroos. That’s what we are here for.”

“It will improve hockey in the City of Canada Bay and will make Briars bigger and stronger,” he added.

At approximately $5 million the new St Luke’s Park hockey field is a technological masterpiece with beautiful tree-backed surroundings, state-of-the-art amenities and parking.

Laid with synthetic turf by Australian company ‘Grassman’ at a cost of $350,000, the field also boasts sustainable LED lighting, which saves up to 60 per cent on power and sprinklers – which can be controlled by an app from anywhere in the world.


The new Briars hockey pitch at St Luke’s Park in Concord.

Grassman owner and former US NFL player Colin Scotts has installed many hockey fields but this is his best so far.

“This is the new generation of synthetic grass and the only turf in the world with an authentic ball bounce close to real grass,” Mr Scotts said.

Briars Hockey President Emma Ratcliffe says the future is bright.

“Juniors being able to play on an international quality field is so nourishing for the their future. This field would have to be rated as the number one pitch in Sydney. It has low bounce, nice trees and great lights. The turf is amazing and we are looking to the future,” she said.


6-year-old Ashton Fordham is keen to get onto the pitch.

One of the club’s success stories is Kaitlin Nobbs, who was named Burwood Council’s 2016 Sportsperson of the Year and is the younger daughter of Lee Capes and Michael Nobbs.

After completing her HSC at PLC Sydney last year, Kaitlin has recently taken up a Hockey Australia scholarship in Perth to join the Hockeyroos squad and pursue a university degree in nursing.

The upgraded site was inspected by the Federal Member for Reid Craig Laundy and NSW Member for Drummoyne John Sidoti as the venue was handed over to Canada Bay Council and Briars Hockey Club.

Mr Laundy said the new field had been built to accommodate a midway tunnelling point for the M4 East at Cintra Park, as part of WestConnex, where the club was previously located.


Federal MP Craig Laundy, Olympic Gold medalist Lee Capes, ‘Grassman’ owner Colin Scotts and State MP John Sidoti at the official opening on February 7.

“This is a great outcome for the community, with the new hockey field accompanied by an amenities building, terraced spectator seating, lighting towers, two viewing mounds, new car parking and disabled access,” Mr Laundy said.

Mr Sidoti said selecting Cintra Park for tunnelling work would provide direct access to Parrarmatta Road to reduce impact on local roads.

“We’re not only providing new sporting facilities but the tunnelling site also limits impacts on residential properties and nearby areas during M4 East construction,” Mr Sidoti said.

Work will now continue on completing phase two of the work, which involves realigning and relevelling the rugby playing fields. The hockey field handover now allows preliminary work to take place at Cintra Park ahead of major construction which, subject to planning approval, is due to get underway later this year on the M4 East twin three-lane tunnels, scheduled to open to traffic in 2019.

To find out more about Briars Hockey club and how to join see

By Belinda Noonan


Landscaping and Commercial Use Turf

Grassman manufacture a wide variety of landscaping and commercial purpose synthetic turf products. Grassman is a dedicated manufacturer of synthetic grass and continues to develop through professional research and testing of raw materials and synthetic grass products.

To achieve the precise type, mix and balance of raw materials for our synthetic surfaces, we continually trial new materials and assess results, which is our ongoing guarantee to manufacturing the “best of the best” natural, safe, lead and heavy metal free and eco friendly grasses.

Grassman products are Made in Australia for Australian conditions We warn buyers to beware of cheap imports. Products may look the same but don’t be fooled, they may not contain safe raw materials and there is a good chance that they don’t contain the highest standard of UV inhibitors – these products will fail in our harsh Australian environment.

Conversely, we frequently provide our products to external experts for testing under the most stringent conditions to increase product performance under various stresses. Our products have been tested by a number of world standard academic institutions including The University of NSW, Toowoomba, Wollongong, and Brisbane, NATA laboratory Accousto-Scan and the A.W.T.A. as well as International facilities including Centre for Sports Technology, UK and Labosport Europe.

The constant search for improvement and development has over the years contributed to Grassman being considered the industry benchmark. Numerous firsts and patent applications have been achieved and the innovation continues.

Our in-house yarn extrusion allows us to manufacture custom made products in various colours and styles and we also have allegiances with some of the worlds largest yarn producers allowing us access to a total range of synthetic yarn available in the market. We manufacture products only with the highest grade virgin polymers including polypropylene, polyethylene, co-polymers, monofilaments and mutli-strand colour monofilaments. All yarns feature a highly sophisticated process of pigment, maximum UV inhibitor and colour-fastness unsurpassed in the industry. The impressive durability and resistance to weathering and abrasion make the yarns equal to anything available worldwide.

Our tufting capacity offers all machine gauges and stitch rate variances and the ability for high quality, vast volume output.

Our research and development over many years allowed our innovation of the longest pile heights in the industry up to 100mm. Our finishing plants are purpose built for synthetic grass and on-going development allows us to achieve maximum tuft lock and durability for long lasting products.

Our synthetic turf is installed in many thousands of commercial applications and private homes.


Synthetic grass is increasingly becoming more popular as an alternative event flooring solution.
Artificial grass can enhance your company image, it can increase the visual impact of themed displays, and can protect lawn and cover up muddy or bare areas.
Grassman is the number one choice for event hire companies and function organisers. Our products

  • Suits most events
  • All weather surface
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to transport
  • Re usable for landscaping or hire
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Short pile for easy cleaning
  • Realistic and durable

Do you own an events hire company? Contact us today to find out how you can diversify your business and increase your earning potential by hiring out Grassman synthetic surfaces.


Lawn bowls is a sport in which the objective is to roll biased bowls so that they stop close to a smaller ball called a “jack”. It is played on a bowling green which may be flat (for “flat-green bowls”) or convex or uneven (for “crown green bowls”).

Gary Waterford, Grassman founder was commissioned in 1981 by Ampol Australia to develop and install the first artificial lawn bowls surface at the prestigious City Bowls Club in Sydney, next to St Mary’s Cathedral, where the Cook & Phillip swimming pool now stands. This was the first artificial grass surface for lawn bowls in the world, the aim being to achieve an all-weather surface that could withstand rain and drought, playable through all weather conditions, with a minimum amount of maintenance. Prior to this a Scottish company produced a woven and a needle-punch artificial surface for lawn bowls which although effective was a “carpet” and not able to drain and offer all-weather play.

Waterford and Ampol tested their products extensively through the University of NSW using variations of yarns and specifications to perfect a level, even & consistent playing surface that suited the characteristics required for the sport of lawn bowls and met the standards of World Bowls.
Grassman has products designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate, whilst providing a consistently true ball roll and a long-wearing bowling surface that does not require water. Huge ongoing financial savings are achieved due to lower maintenance costs by eliminating water bills, mowing, weeding, rolling and associated labour costs as well as lost play due to poor weather.

Our range of synthetic grass lawn bowls surfaces suit the budgets and playing characteristics for high level international play, to local clubs and retirement villages. We also have products for lawn bowls banks and developed this process as a system back in the 1980’s.

Grassman’s patented D.U.C.C.® – drainage and cushioned underlay can be incorporated in our golf systems.


Grassman has over 37 years experience helping business owners fit out gyms and fitness facilities

Across Australia. Artificial turf is perfect for:

  • Warm up areas
  • Indoor running tracks
  • Crossfit
  • Circuit training
  • Rope climbing areas and even whole gyms!

Our grass also has amazing sound absorption qualities – no more deafening echoes or annoying loud chatter! We also have 2 sled track surfaces that are made using premium true KDK yarn for even drag in ANY direction! Our Indoor artificial turf is environmentally friendly and resists the heavy use that comes with any sports or athletic activity, including Crossfit.
Our indoor grasses are durable, virtually maintenance free and have an immediate positive impact when installed in your gym.

Add value to your business and the overall experience at your fitness facility by installing Grassman grass today!


In the late 1970’s Gary Waterford (Grassman CEO) together with golf legend William Edgar Dunk (Billy Dunk) a professional known as one of the greatest shot makers in Australia worked together, both on the manufacture and installation (in the grounds of his synthetic turf factory) for endless months testing, trialling and developing golfing products for putting, driving and tee-off.

Some 40 years later Grassman has the experience and still continues to develop and produce a range of world quality golfing products specifically for golf tees, putting greens and driving ranges.

Just some of the obvious advantages of synthetic turf products is the low maintenance, no watering and all-weather use and the main advantage of Grassman products is the quality and experience.

Moore Park in Sydney installed a synthetic driving range after continual ball losses using natural turf. Grassman driving ranges retain the ball, for easy collection and prevention of ball loss.

Our range of products for golf come in varying pile heights and yarn constructions producing vastly different surfaces for golf tees, driving ranges, practice nets, mini golf, golf greens, backyard practise turf, pro shop turf and walkways and buggy driveways used through courses.
Grassman’s patented D.U.C.C.® – drainage and cushioned underlay can be incorporated in our golf systems.

The advantages of Grassman synthetic turf are:

• Weather resistant platform
• Year round all-weather, sure footed surface
• No surface water or mud to contend with


Soccer is globally embracing the change from real turf to synthetic.
Grassman’s artificial soccer turf is designed to replicate natural sports fields. Having a synthetic field installed gives you a better more predictable ball roll, increased control and realistic bounce. Our field grass is made from soft natural feeling fibres that perform all year round.
Benefits of Synthetic Grass vs. Natural Turf Systems

  • No dust storms
  • No mud pits
  • No patchy turf
  • No downtime due to periods of rain
  • No heavy maintenance
  • No watering required!
  • Playable 24hrs a day!

Grassmans Australian made products undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with international safety and environmental standards, as well as certified approvals and licences from governing bodies and associations such as the FIH, FIFA, AFL/Cricket Australia, ITF and Hockey NSW.

Schools / Kindergartens

Grassman synthetic surface products are installed in thousands of schools, colleges and kindergartens across Australia and in over 69 countries.

Grassman has been the preferred product and company of choice for over 37 years. Developing and designing turfs in Australia for Australians, specifically to create safe, environmentally friendly and versatile surfaces for schools playing fields, children’s playgrounds and kindergartens.

We offer products that withstand the punishment of high foot traffic areas, whilst remaining free of any nasty, unsafe materials like lead and heavy metals and offering complete peace of mind in the knowledge that Grassman’s products are the best synthetic grass alternative.

Natural grass can create dust and mud which can migrate inside, has to be treated with chemicals, requires mowing and watering and often won’t grow during times of drought or in shaded areas.

Grassman offers the perfect solution. Safe, comfortable, award winning surfaces that offer excellent play qualities.

Large areas can be covered quickly at budget conscious prices, offering play areas and courts that can be played on year round, and are safe, durable, and look amazing!.

Grassman work with highly trained and experienced local contractors throughout Australia who have been approved to install Grassman quality products.


Australian made Grassman landscape and leisure products have been installed in over 500,000 homes in Australia and worldwide. Grassman have an unsurpassed history and decades of experience having been manufacturing and installing synthetic grass in homes for over 35 years.
Grassman is the first company to introduce synthetic grass for leisure and landscape uses since the late 1970”s and continue to be the first to develop and innovate products that just keep getting more real like our “Unreal” Grass range.
Our latest generation SummerGrass range products were introduced in 2008, successfully now outlasting the warranted 7 year period without any warranty claims. Our products are made to Australia’s harsh conditions and although strong and made to last Grassman’s products are safe for humans and the environment. We use only the very best virgin raw materials that do not contain any toxins or heavy metals.
Grassman manufacture has a wide variety of landscaping and general purpose synthetic turf products. With water restrictions widespread for garden use, more and more people are seeking the practical, and aesthetic qualities that synthetic offers.
In many major urban areas, watering your garden will simply not be allowed under the next level of restrictions in Australia and many other places worldwide – Grassman offers the perfect “UNREAL GRASS” solution.
We have long pile rich lush turf that has the look and feel of high quality natural grass. For more robust areas where there is high traffic, we can offer a range of shorter pile products. Whenever you need turf around the house, in the garden, there is a grass to suit your budget or colour scheme.


The advantages of Grassman synthetic turf are:

  • Ideal and safe for children and pets
  • Made to Australia’s strict safety regulations
  • Natural looking alternative to real grass
  • Soft under foot
  • No pesticides
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