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Grassman have been developing synthetic grass for cricket with cricket legends such as Bob Simpson since 1975 … Howzat for a history!

Grassman is proud to be fully Australian owned and manufacturing safe high quality Australian made products for all levels of the sport of cricket!

Grassman’s products are installed on cricket fields and pitches both indoor and outdoor in thousands of facilities in Australia and across the world. Our Australia manufacturing implements the strictest quality controls to develop, test and create cricket products for all levels of play from backyard practice to international test play. Grassman pitches are successfully installed in 1000’s of backyards, schools, colleges and Clubs.

Grassman cricket turf is praised for:

  • Being 100% Australian made
  • The use of the safest virgin quality raw materials
  • The products playability
  • The true ball bounce
  • The rich Gum tree Green® low sheen colour
  • The gun-barrel straight rolls & play lines (when incorporated)
  • The toughness and longevity of products
  • The solid Australian backed product warranty


Greg Chappell MBE was very impressed when he visited our manufacturing plant in Botany, NSW and stated “Grassman is a great Australian product and a wonderful Australian company”
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Grassman’s cricket product range:


CLUB HOWZAT – Perfect practice pitch for schools and councils

SHIELD CENTURY- Quality cricket pitch and multi-purpose turf regarded as the Benchmark cricket pitch surface in Australia

SUPER SHIELD SPINNER – Grassman’s most popular cricket turf, specified for Government tenders and installed worldwide – with Cricket Aust. accreditation

CURL ‘D CURL® DELIVERY – Budget priced pitch offering the benefits of non directional turf construction  **** new product

SUPER COUNTY – Non-directional turf made famous by Wimbledon Grass, Melbourne (our affiliate company) has been exported across the South Pacific

SUPER TEST – Grassman’s elite non-directional turf, perfect for top level Club & professional cricket and multi-sport surface


NATURAL “OVER”  – Premium quality natural look Gum Tree Green® and beige cricket turf for Club, School and Council cricket *** new product

TRIPLE STRIPE – Grassman’s innovation – inbuilt red, yellow and white stripes for training


STRIKER – Indoor cricket pitch with inbuilt coloured pitch and white pin striping built into the product during production

STRIKER SURROUNDS – Plain green court surrounds, using a slightly lighter weight turf for outfield area

Indoor cricket is played on a rectangular, artificial-grass surfaced court. The court is enclosed in tightly tensioned netting, including a 4 metre high ‘ceiling’. The pitch and stumps are exactly the same dimensions as outdoor cricket.

Grassman cricket products are manufactured for the Australian climate and utilising the highest quality, safe raw materials to product products that look good, play hard and are long wearing.  You can expect a life span for hard working pitches of ten years or more.  We have products suitable for every grade of cricket and our special laying method ensures an even bounce at each end. This consistency of bounce increases the safety level for batsmen, at all levels of the game.

Cricket is probably the toughest test of any synthetic grass surface. Most of the play is concentrated over a very small area of the total surface and Grassman’s product development has successfully achieved products that stand the test of time.  Our Gum Tree Green® colour looks natural and is manufactured with the highest UV stabilization available, the denser colourants reduce glare permanently. Our strong tuft lock backing system ensures the pitch will not wrinkle, fray or lose pile.  The surface cut is level and smooth (No J cutting) ensuring true ball response and the thick, strong 7mm packaging cores and plastic wrapping we use decrease the risk of damage in handling and delivery and ensure goods arrive on site in perfect condition.

Every metre is quality controlled and calibrated. They leave our factory pre-shrunk to full 3.72, 2.75 & 1.86 metre widths to enable installers to lay the products without any in-fills. Rest assured your pitch will play, look, feel and last like Grassman intended.


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