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Things to consider before purchasing synthetic grass

Things to consider before purchasing synthetic grass


You would be crazy not to ask for an Australian made synthetic grass product. Australian products are manufactured under strict regulations and are manufactured to stand the harsh Australian climate.

Please ensure your installer can provide a local “Manufacturer’s” warranty certificate before you sign up the contract. How can you be guaranteed with an international warranty?

Aside from superior quality, the use of virgin quality raw materials & assured durability, being 100 per cent Australian made AND owned, you can be sure there will be no formaldehyde, no lead and no heavy metal components in your products.

Heavy metal is known to have serious health effects, especially if you have children and pets in your family playing on the surface. These are also dangerous to our environment. Unfortunately, imported products have been shown to contain these elements. More information can be found in various medical journals & findings.

Some of the overseas manufacturers use cheaper quality raw materials and are not under the same strict manufacturing guidelines we have in Australia

Australian made products cost more to make due to our Australian wage regulations and the high cost of maintaining our manufacturing plant. We also choose to only use the highest grade, virgin raw materials available and make products of a high quality that look better and last longer and that are safe for humans and the environment. Beware – many synthetic grass installers do not promote the fact that they are using cheap overseas made products and do not pass on the saving to the client. It is your right to ask the question and know where your turf was made! Call us and we can advise if the turf you have been quoted is Grassman!

Yes, you are most welcome to visit our manufacturing plant located in Botany NSW – right next to Sydney Airport. We are a factory not a warehouse and you can witness the conversion of polymer being transformed through extrusion, winding, knitting, tufting and finishing right in front of your eyes …

Having an Australian product with an Australian Warranty is beneficial for many reasons. We have a physical presence in Botany, NSW and have had for many decades. So we stand behind the warranty that your installer offers. Even if your chosen installer is not in business in 5 years – we will be! How would you ever be able to rest assured with an international warranty!

Buying Grassman product your warranty comes from us, the manufacturer and we will uphold all product warranties.

Yes, Australian companies are required to operate according to Fair Trading

Make a wise decision on a slightly higher initial investment for a better quality product with guaranteed 7 year warranty. Don’t compromise for few dollars savings or often no saving at all.

Keep local jobs alive and support Australian manufacturers as well as be assured of the best quality, safe products.

Grassman is a family owned company and has a proud and trusted history since the 1970’s. Experience, quality, service and integrity.

Grassman can be trusted to stand behind the product warranty, you know where to find them.

Yes this information is available to the public. We take pride in being an ethical company and we always stand behind our products.

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