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Multi Sport

Multi Sport


Multi use playing fields are popular for schools, colleges and municipalities. Not many facilities have the luxury of building a field sport specific for one sport alone. Typically, one area is designated for use for a number of differing sports for the students or community.
Grassman has decades of experience and has concentrated on developing and perfecting synthetic turf surfaces that can perform successfully for use by varying sporting codes; eg hockey, football, general playground, netball, basketball, rugby, cricket, AFL and tennis.
Grassman has a vast and enviable history. Over the past 35 years we have exported to many countries and in the 1990’s manufactured in Australia, exported and installed over 70 multi-sports fields into China. In the late 1980’s we installed many multisport facilities in Russia, the UK, the USA and across Asia and the Pacific

Grassman popular products

Multisports 19 – Quality multi-sport surface with in-built lines recommended for school or local clubs – specifically for tennis, netball and general playground use

Sport MF40 – High quality multi-sport surface with inbuilt lines recommended for school and Councils – specifically for hockey, futsal, football and general play

Spring-Bak Pro – Acccredited quality multi-sport surface with inbuilt lines recommended for schools, colleges and municipalities – specifically for AFL, cricket, hockey, football, soccer and safety play

Sport Super Test 12 – Superior quality low profile non-directional multi-sport surface with inbuilt lines recommended for hockey, basketball, tennis, netball, baseball

Multi-sports surfaces [MSS] and Multi-Use Game Areas [MUGA] offer a cost-effective solution for schools, colleges, Councils and other facilities with a wide range of sporting demands. Whilst a multi-sports area offers the perfect option to play most sports for many players, it must be recognised that there will almost always be a need to compromise, primarily in terms of dimensions of the play areas as well as the performance of the playing surface. There are differing requirements for the playing surfaces for various sports and many different needs for individual facilities. It is not possible to provide a simple solution or formula that will satisfy every situation.

Each facility must be carefully planned according to specific demands and priorities. Not all products and installation systems are suitable for sports reliant on ball bounce. It must be determined which sports the facility will provide for, the standards of playing performance required, the prioritising of individual sport usage taking into account the feasible balance of the sports to be played upon them.

The areas are generally used for sports such as hockey, minkey, tennis, netball, basketball, baseball, five-aside football, football, soccer, five-aside soccer, futsal, athletics, volleyball, lacrosse, American football as well as training areas for activities such as athletics, rugby union and rugby league.

At Grassman we can manufacture and advise on the most suitable surfacing solution for your MUGA. The advice is based on many years of experience. We aim to provide the most ideal surface for the sports utilizing this field and offering the playing qualities and experience that users require, whilst at the same time providing a safe and durable environment.


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